The Fine Print

All dolls must be insured for their value.

You must contact me within a week of receiving the doll for a refund.

I do not give partial refunds for problems that may or may not have occured during shipping. All items leave here in the condition described. I cannot be responsible for the Post Office's carelessness.

If the doll has been damaged in transit, you have one options. You may put in a claim to your Post Office. The doll left me in perfect condition or condition as stated. If the doll is not in that condition when it arrives, it is the Post Office's problem.

If the doll is not what you wanted then you may return the doll to me for a refund. However the doll must be in the exact condition as it left me. If it was NRFB , it must still be NRFB when it is returned. If the doll returns in the same condition, you will get a full refund.

If you have removed a NRFB doll from its box, I will not give a refund. Once you remove a doll from its box, it is considered used and the value is cut by 50%.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs to return the item.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to suspend the return priviledges for buyers except for North America.

99.9% of the time people are on the up and up, but it is that 0.1% that I have to be wary of.